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OAC Math Teachers Access Code: SF7HX-8K4VP
OAC Social Studies Teachers Access Code: M38C6-8CKDR
OAC Science Teachers Access Code: VQZNM-V4KN9
OAC Business Teachers Access Code: 9WSX4-XXC3X
OAC Foreign Language Teachers Access Code: MV58R-TZCWB
OAC Fine and Performing Arts Teachers Access Code: 7XSC2-3PZJQ
OAC School Counselors Access Code: 5Z2KG-93R74
OAC Pathways and Dual Enroll. Teachers Access Code: RTSZR-7DB66
Access Instructions: 
Staff members will need to login with their Schoology accounts. Select "Groups," click "Join," and enter the access code. 

ACT Aspire and ClassWorks Collaboration

ACT Aspire is pleased to announce our partnership with Classworks®, an online instruction and assessment solution that is proven to help K–8 students become critical thinkers and independent learners*. Schools administrating ACT Aspire can use Classworks at no additional cost.
*Also used for grades 9–10 for students needing targeted intervention.

In the 2016–2017 school year, bridge the gap between Interim and Classroom assessment and instruction with ACT Aspire and Classworks. ACT Aspire assessment data fully integrate with the Classworks suite of instruction. Classworks automatically delivers custom lessons using ACT Aspire assessment results. Each assignment targets the exact skills students need to get back on track. Students can immediately engage in Classworks Individualized Learning Paths matched to their specific needs. Teachers have the flexibility to customize the instructional paths for each student.
1) Start with ACT Aspire Periodic Interim & Classroom Assessments
ACT Aspire Interim Assessments serve as a means for fast, convenient, and accurate measurement.

Click here
to learn more about ACT Aspire Periodic Interim & Classroom Assessments 
2) Individualize with Classworks
Classworks individualized learning includes engaging K–8 math, reading, and language arts instruction. The assessment data can be used to determine students’ readiness to learn. Gain insight into which skills they’ve mastered and which need more attention. Each student works on targeted lessons, meeting their diverse learning needs.
Click here to learn more about Classworks.

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