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District OTES Information

District OTES Information

Welcomes to the Barnesville Exempted Village Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) Website.  Here you will find various resources available for your download.

OTES Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The pre/post district-created assessment for an SLO must be the same assessment.
  2. The assessments needed for an SLO may not change the current building assessment schedule.
  3. When a teacher goes between two buildings, that teacher and a building principal can select which building to focus their SLO, depending on the number of students they will be addressing on the SLO.
  4. Non-core teachers (i.e. music, art, gifted, technology) may be required to first submit their SLO to their respective county organizations for approval and then submit to the district OTES committee for final approval.
  5. Intervention/Title teachers who write an SLO may create their own assessments.
  6. Intervention specialists must use grade level content standards (not the extended standards) when creating the pre/post assessment for SLOs.
  7. A teacher must have a minimum of 6 students to write an SLO.
  8. Student Attendance:
    1. Students absent 45 or more days from school (excused or unexcused) are not included in SLO.
    2. For courses that do not meet daily or for the entire year, students absent from school 25% or more of the days in the course will not be included in the SLO.
  9. Interval of Instruction:
    1. For a full year course or second semester course, the end date for the interval of instruction will be April 15th.
    2. If the interval of instruction for an SLO occurs in the middle of the school year, then the teacher and evaluator will decide the SLO submission date.
    3. Students transferring in after 25% of the instruction has been taught will not be counted in the SLO.
  10. Skilled and Accomplished Teachers:
    1. During the required years, a full evaluation will be completed.
    2. During the years teachers are not fully evaluated, a professional growth or improvement plan, one observation, one conference, and student growth measure rating will be completed.
    3. The last full evaluation rating will be reported until a new full evaluation is required.
    4. If the student growth measure rating falls below “Average,” the full annual evaluation cycle will apply.
    5. Value Added teachers whose student data falls below average may get kicked into the evaluation cycle immediately.
    6. A new teacher coming from another district with a rating of Accomplished or Skilled will receive a full evaluation that year.
  11. Retiring Teachers: Teachers whose notice of retirement is board-approved by December 1st are not subject to the evaluation process for that year.
  12. For teachers rated "Skilled" or "Accomplished": the scheduling of off-year observation and conference will be mutually agreed upon by both parties (teacher and evaluator) and conducted within ODE timelines.  In lieu of the OTES rubric, evaluators will be using the walk-through app for the 30 minute observation and emailing results to the teacher to be discussed at the post conference.
  13. Teachers using an SLO for their student growth measure are required to create one (1) comprehensive SLO assessment and write one (1) SLO.
  14. ​For the 2016-17 school year, A1 teachers will write one (1) comprehensive SLO for 50% of their teacher evaluation.

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